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Keep Reading If You:
  • Want to get into PA school THIS cycle​
  • Are on your second (or third) application cycle….and losing hope
  • Want to achieve your dream career of being a physician assistant
  • Need to strengthen your application to virtually guarantee yourself a seat in a program
  • You want to apply the RIGHT way on your first application cycle
  • Haven’t been accepted into a PA school yet…but it’s still your dream
  • Want to stop wasting your time, money, and energy on things that aren’t helping you achieve your goals
  • Are frustrated and not sure where to go from here
  • Are discouraged and thinking about giving up on your dreams of being a PA
Finally! The Guide to Get you Accepted into PA school...
Our 60+ page guide provides a detailed outline of everything you need to know! 

CASPA Application Tips

We discuss how CASPA works, when to apply, and discuss topics like which schools (and how many) you should be applying to!

Encouragement & Motivation

We provide insight into how to personalize your application and encouragement to continue to follow your dreams!

How to Make Youself More Competitive

Should I retake the GRE? Do I need any extra classes? What about more clinical hours? We answer all these questions and more…

Interview Dos and Don'ts

What to wear, how to prepare and tips to ace your PA school interview.

What Programs Really Want

The behind the scene secrets of what schools are really looking for...

Important Additional Information 

Basically… everything I WISH I would have known before I applied to PA school. We pull the curtain back and show you the REAL side of admissions.  What to expect, the things few people actually talk about, and how you can navigate this whole process.
who is this Guide for?
  • Anyone who wants to get accepted into PA school
  • Anyone who is currently applying to PA school
  • Anyone committed to achieving their dreams of being a PA
  • Anyone who wants to save their time and money by applying to PA school the correct way
  • Anyone who is tired of waiting and wants to get accepted THIS CYCLE
  • Anyone in the application process (regardless of how many times you've applied)
who We Are:

Katie Bean, DMS, PA-C

Katie is a PA, mother of 3, world traveler and certified Physician Assistant with a Doctorate in Medical Science.  She has numerous years in clinical practice and PA education. She is passionate about PA education, medicine, traveling the world, fitness, and French bull-dogs.

Her friends describe her as caring, compassionate and adventurous.

Beth Macintire, DMS, PA-C

Beth Macintire is a certified Physician Assistant who completed a post-graduate residency in Orthopedic Surgery after PA school. She then went on and received her Doctorate of Medical Science education. She is passionate about PA Education, trail running, traveling the world, and serving Pre-PA students.

Her friends describe her as interesting, adventurous and tough. 

Start your Journey to PA school today!
Why we had to develop this Book!
We kept witnessing students make the same mistakes over and over again.

Many students feel frustrated because there aren’t many resources available to prospective PA students that discuss the REAL way to strengthen your application, while giving proper guidance on the application and interview processes.

Students were working hard, spending copious amounts of time and money…and still not getting the results they desired!

They were listening to outdated and (often) bad advice from people whose only experience with PA school admissions was the fact that they got into school once years ago.

Students didn’t seem to understand the “why” behind many of the application requirements, or how their answers to questions were keeping them from achieving their dreams.

We once had a (very) qualified student (on advice from a friend in healthcare) take a gap year to go skiing out in Colorado…since she had the rest of her life to work. While everyone else was gaining experience and taking classes, she was having the time of her life.

When she didn’t get offered a seat...she was astonished. She had done what she was told to do…but hadn’t gotten the result she wanted. It wasn’t her fault…she had been given bad advice.

We realized then, that some students need more guidance than they get from PA forums or family friends.

We knew we had to do something.

There is so much conflicting advice out there on PA school admissions…

How to succeed isn’t very clear for students…

Students were getting discouraged and wanting to give up on their dreams of becoming a PA.
This problem impacted so many students!  It blew our minds that nobody was really leading the charge to help!

So, we set out on a mission:

To help as many students as possible achieve their dreams and get accepted into PA school!

And that’s when Pre-PA Clinic was born!

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Our " Secrets, Tips, Tactics & Everything You Need to Know to Get into PA School" ebook
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You Might Be Wondering…
Why are you qualified to help me?
Great question! We are uniquely qualified to help students get accepted into PA school becuase of our background in PA education! Not only have we worked in a clinical capacity seeing patients, but we also served on the admissions committee at PA schools! We have reviewed hundreds of CASPA files, interviewed numerous students and decided who got accepted. We know EXACTLY what programs are looking for.
I'm not sure If my GPA/GRE, etc is good enough for PA school?
It's important to remember that everyone's journey is different and NO one has a perfect application. We break down "what to do if" scenarios in our book and discuss options if you are weaker in certain areas. PA admissions is a holistic process so don't count yourself out!
Do I really need this book?
You bet! Understanding the "WHY" behind certain criteria in the PA admission process will help you tailor your application to your strengths and give you the BEST CHANCE of getting a seat into PA school! Don't miss this incredible advantage.
What is a competitive GRE/GPA/PCE etc?
In the book we give you guidelines for EVERY aspect of your PA application! We explain what numbers to shoot for (and why) which can help you narrow your focus and decide when you're ready to apply.
I'm so lost and frustrated with the PA application process.
We hear you! One reason we created this book was because we remember how it felt when applying to PA school! This book breaks the application process down and makes it easy to understand. NO more frustration. 
Do I need this if I'm on my first cycle?
Absolutely! We want you to have all the tools you need to be successful on your FIRST cycle so you don't have to wait and re-apply again next year!
I applied last year and didn't get in. How will this help me?
If you've applied before and not received an offer- don't despair!  Sometimes making even ONE SMALL change to your application can get you accepted. The tips and tricks found in this book can make the difference between getting accepted vs another year on the waitlist...what are you waiting for- get it now!
Do you give advice about interviews?
Of course! We have a whole section on the PA school interview which includes a "what to do after your interview" and how to professionally stay in touch with admission committees. 
How will I receive my book once I've purchased?
"Everything You Need To Know" is a digital product that will be sent to you in PDF form. When you purchase the book, you will be able to download it right from the Order Confirmation page! You'll also be sent an email with an access link to your book. Once you click your access link, you will be able to view the content in your browser and you will have the option to download it to your computer.
Can I get a refund?
Due to the digital nature of this product we are unable to offer refunds. We know you'll find it informative and useful but if you have any questions or concerns please e-mail us at:
Is this book worth the money?
Yes!  Getting accepted into PA school is PRICELESS. On a practical note, PA school applications can get extremely expensive so it's worth a few dollars to get expert advice and keep you from having to re-apply...and re-pay all those expenseive fees again next year! The price is a drop in the bucket and the best money you'll spend on getting ready for PA school!
There are a lot of products out there for Pre-PA students. Why should I buy yours?
We hear ya. The amount of products and services out there can be overwhelming. Our products and services are unique because, unlike most PAs,  we have actually worked at PA programs and know EXACTLY what programs are looking for. Our advice is current and comes from our personal experience as PA faculty members who have reviewed files and interviewed students JUST LIKE YOU.
Get Accepted into PA School Today!
You're Getting...
Our " Secrets, Tips, and Tactics & Everything You Need to Know to Get Accepted Into PA School" Ebook (Filled with tons of relative and up to date information and useful examples)
P.S. - Don't wait another minute......get accepted today so you can start on your dream career of being a PA!!

Take action now and see what a difference this guide can make for you!
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